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Umbrella Liability Insurance

Umbrella Liability Insurance

In the business of risk management and insurance, one can never be too careful. This is why you should be aware of incurring extra expenses on your part. What your business needs is umbrella liability insurance. If you are a small- medium- scale business owner and you want to protect your assets are from beyond your coverage limit, then talk to us about umbrella liability insurance.

Umbrella liability insurance is basically a policy that provides excess coverage over several primary policies, such as commercial general liability, auto liability, and employer’s liability. Umbrella liability insurance lets you increase your liability insurance coverage beyond that of the basic policies. This lets you save on extra expenses on events outside the limits of your basic coverage.

How Umbrella Liability Insurance Works

An umbrella liability insurance policy acts as excess personal liability coverage to supplement other policies such as auto liability and homeowner’s liability. Umbrella liability insurance policies will also pay for bodily injuries, property damages, and personal injuries referring to slander, defamation, eviction, and invasion of privacy among others.

To cite an example of how umbrella liability insurance works, let's assume that you have $200,000 auto liability coverage per accident. If you encounter an accident with five other people in the car, and all sustain serious injuries, $200k may not be enough to cover all of the victims. If you were sued for one million dollars, your auto liability policy would only pay up to $200k, and you would have to pay the rest of the bill. But, if you bought a million dollar umbrella liability policy, it would pay the remaining $800k.

Umbrella Liability Insurance by Keystone Risk Management

Commercial General Liability Insurance for your business might not be enough when you face a major repair that is in excess of your coverage limit. Your business may also need financial assistance when legally involved with a settlement, or a judgment that is again beyond your coverage. Without Umbrella Liability Insurance, these events can drain your business financially.

Keystone Risk Management Inc. can offer a better solution for a single premium. Whatever your existing policy is, it can be studied to extend the coverage where you need it most. We can to listen to what you need so that you can have peace of mind. Keystone Risk Management provides you with flexible umbrella liability insurance that gives you something less to worry about.

Reliable Umbrella Liability Insurance

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