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Clyde R. Reynolds, CPCU, ARM, CIC, CRM - Founder / Owner

It was a hot, August day when the plane landed in Cedar Rapids, IA.  Corn crowded the tarmac and New York seemed a million miles way. I didn’t know it then, but the Midwest was about to become my home.  I married an Iowa girl (Sharon), graduated from the University of Iowa and eventually settled in Lincoln, IL.

In college I majored in English, Philosophy & Education, which turns out to be the perfect background for a career that requires you to be able read, understand and explain an insurance policy.

Since completing college, my educational focus has been professionally oriented.

I started my career in insurance as an adjuster.  After two of years of taking statements and writing estimates I traded in my Crash manuals to become a personal lines underwriter.  I transitioned from this into commercial underwriting and thought I’d found my niche until one of my agents called me and asked me to come work with him.  After five years of working in his agency I decided to strike off on my own and founded Keystone Risk Management.

When I started Keystone, I had a pregnant wife, a mortgage and single objective: provide for my family.  I’m happy to tell you our kids are grown and the mortgage is paid, but over the years my single objective morphed into something more profound, more complex and more rewarding.

I’ve always been a person who likes to solve problems and help others.  Over the years I’ve been involved with numerous philanthropic organizations, but it was only in retrospect that I realized that insurance has been another way to serve.  It didn’t matter if I was an adjuster assisting a policyholder after a loss, an underwriter helping an agent place coverage, or working with Keystone’s clients, I’ve always felt I was there to help.

Moreover, insurance has given me a chance to be a part of people’s lives and businesses.  I’ll never run restaurants, owned a chain of gas stations or build multi-million-dollar buildings, but I’ve had a chance to be a part of these things and more.

And finally, insurance has brought wonderful people into my life.  Keystone has some of the best clients any business could hope for.  They’re interesting, caring, supportive people, and every day I come to work I feel lucky to have them in my life.